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NEW PRO100 v.5


We are proud to annonce the newest version of our PRO100 software. We have made a huge effort for PRO100 to become even better furniture and interior design software.

The new PRO100 offers a truly realistic rendering in a real time and an incomparable work speed and we belive it is  is still probably the most userfriendly furniture design software in the world.



Please find a shortened list of the new fully regulated effects to be found in version 5:


  • Mirroring in any surface
  • Speculars
  • Antialiasng
  • Textures normalmaps (3D textures effect)
  • Shining effect
  • Sunshine power
  • Sunshine colour
  • Sunshine direction
  • Ambient light colour
  • Ambient light power
  • Directional lights power
  • Directional lights lightening angle
  • Directional lights colour
  • Semitransparency
  • Glowing/Fluorescence effect
  • Predefined material properties schemes
  • 3D CAD (*.obj) files import feature
  • New dimensioning tools
  • Snapping to edges and axes while moving elements
  • Snapping to edges and axes while stretching elements
  • Copying textures between elements
  • Opening textures locations


Please find a few screenshots from our newest software below.





Copyright 2009 ECRU s.c.