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Cut Optimiser
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Cut Optimiser
Cut Optimiser is the most popular program for minimizing waste of materials in the process of woodworking, glass cutting and metal sheet cutting on the Polish market.

Thanks to our software you can save lots of material, time and labour. It's an independent application and it doesn't require any additional equipment, besides a PC and a printer. It's highly useful because of its great efficiency, user friendly interface and versatility. Clear printouts/bitmaps of required layouts make the job easier and quicker.


Demo version


Ouer software will make You use much less material and time.
Also, Cut Optimiser means:
  • savings in time
  • easier work
  • order in scrap material
  • control over the employees
  • controlled consumption of materials
  • better organized work


  • adjustable curf
  • edge to edge cutting
  • textured and smooth plates support
  • freely adjustable plate dimensions
  • trimming (preliminary formatting)
  • plates warehose(differential and current)
  • different cut technologies support
  • orders management
  • standard products database
  • detailed reports (circumference, area and length of the veneer)
  • 5 optimization criteria
  • self-adhesive labels printing
  • orders and layouts archive
  • unlimited plates number
  • unlimited elements number

How it works

After choosing the plate type and entering the data of individual pieces or standard products, you can estimate the cost of the project and optimize the cutting. When creating the cut map, the following figures are taken into consideration: the kerf (saw width), the element's structure (natural grain of wood) and technological limitations entered by the user.Before taking any new plate, the program uses the pieces from the scrap material store.
The optimization is done for five different criteria at the same time:
  • percentage of waste material (material consumption)
  • number of diagrams (different cut maps)
  • cut length (saw usage)
  • number of cuts (long cuts are preferred)
  • number of packs (the easiest realization)

Also, the program generates optimum cut maps for each criterion separately and allows to compare them. After accepting one layout, the program prints it and updates the plate store and the scrap material store. Labels for all elements are printed optionally

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